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The Group has been involved in manufacturing and trading a wide range of plastic and plastic wood composite since it was first founded in 1995. These products are distributed and marketed under the following trademarks: 

Koenig Architectural Profiles (KAP)

Most popular among the KAP are tile-trims, groove-joints, plasterwork-trims, plaster-stops and step-nosings. These products are designed to improve the efficiency of finishing the concrete walls, corners and steps as well as to improve the aesthetic finishes of wall-tiling. They are highly durable and chemical-attacked resistant and come with a complete range of colours and finishes. 

Koenig Surface Protection System (KsPS)

KsPS is a brand name for bumper-rails, corner-guards, door-plates, industrial bumper-guards and others. These products are widely used in hospitals, supermarkets and airports. They help to prevent extensive damage to walls and corners from moving trolleys. A hospital will not be complete without this surface (wall) protection system.

Vinyl Flooring, Curtain Tracks and Other Trading Products

Besides manufacturing, the Group is also involved in trading of related products. For example, since the Group is very much involved in hospital development through the supply of KAP, KsPS and carpets, we also supply vinyl flooring and curtain tracks.


KsPS-Components Tile Trim Step Nosing


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