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Exwood -- a Tree's Best Friend

There are certain qualities about wood that have made it essential for use in outdoor applications. Its look, strength and durability have been used to create attractive decks, docks, railings, porches, garden benches, walkways, stairs, pool surrounds and many projects.

Unfortunately, today due to wide-spread deforestation there aren't many tropical forests left to supply trees. Governments have taken drastic measures to minimize deforestation.

Deforestation is the clearing of tropical forests on a large-scale basis and it's greatly responsible for global warming. This increase in global temperatures in return may cause the extinction of many plants and animals. This in turn could upset the balance of the environment.

In the 1980s, it's estimated that 53, 000 square miles (about the size of 21,448,344 soccers fields) of tropical forests were destroyed each year and to date scientists estimate up to 137 living species disappear annually.

What can we do? One effective way is to decrease the need for products that are harvested from the tropical forests. If demand is diminished, supply will decline and logging companies will have no reason to exist.

But this doesn't mean our creativity and imagination for construction will have to be forsaken due to the love for the environment. There's EXWOOD™, a recycleable timber-alternative raw material, which you can explore.

At EXwood we are committed to providing consumers with ecologically vioble products to enhance lives without the cost to Mother Nature.
Renewable, Recyclable and Sustainable - we can all make a difference in the environment.

What is EXWOOD™

An eco-friendly material,it looks, feels and has many of the same characteristics as wood.In the past there existed two problems for an eco-friendly, wood-alternative product: there wasn't any type of material available that shared the same physical characteristics and workability as timber; and it was just too expensive to create such a material.

After years of research and analysis, EXWOOD™ noted that PVC was the base polymer whose characteristics were closest to the requirements in terms of mechanical properties, resistance to atmospheric agents, workability and, most importantly, price.



EXWOOD™ is a hybrid of engineering composite material made from a combination of organic fibre and post - customer recycled plastics.It is designed to replace timber in its primary applications.

EXWOOD™ can be processed using conventional thermoplastic processes such as extrusion and injection moulding. Presently, the technology enables the material to be made with over 50% (by weight) organic fibre in the composite matrix.

Since the production of EXWOODTM requires no virgin wood resource and does not contain any sealant or wood preservative, it is environentally superior material.

Roof top SPA garden in Hong Kong

EXWOOD™ Applications?

EXWOOD™ is particularly suitable for outdoor applications where natural wood has a high propensity to rot.

Typical applications are in the construction of garden benches, decking, fencing and gazebos.

It's also used in engineering applications such as cold room anchor rails and internal non- loading supporting profiles.

Swimming pool deck - private landed house in Singapore

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