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Since it was established in 1965, Carpets International Malaysia (CIM) has grown to become Malaysia's most prestigious carpet manufacturer. Through the years, the company has developed a wide range of carpets to meet the needs of an impressive clientele ranging from domestic users to service organisations, government agencies, corporate sectors and car manufacturers.
The wide choice of products is made possible from different manufacturing processes. Our experienced consultants provide advice to our clients on the most appropriate carpets that meet their needs. 
The Hand-tufted carpets are made using 100% pure wool. They are custom-made with a variety of designs, colours, sizes and textures. With the combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, it produces the most exquisite and intricately-designed carpets that offer our valuable clients, both local and abroad, a creative way of expressing their rich cultural heritage. 
The small important details that we care about add up to the highest standards we set in producing our hand-made carpets. We continuously strive to find ways to enrich the luxury of the exquisite hand-tufted carpets. 

The Axminster woven carpets are made by the advance computer control gripper loom and spool construction process using 80:20 wool to nylon mixture. This composition offers a diverse range of designs and colours and has been a popular choice in decorating the floors of Malaysia's most prestigious buildings. 
Machine-tufted carpets are produced on huge sewing machines which insert stitches or loops of pile fibre in a primary backing material. Using both natural and synthetic fibres, they offer a variety of styles with a large range of stock lines.    
The year 2010 has also marked a new benchmark for the Group as WSA has entered into a dealership agreement with MILLIKEN & Company, USA to promote and market MILLIKEN's modular carpet tiles in Malaysia. WSA believes that the collaboration with a company established 145 years ago and rated among FORTUNE magazines's 100 Best Companies to Work For" will help create value to the local carpet industry and carpet users in terms of providing wider choice among the various types of carpet tiles. 
Highly flexible and known for its premier quality, MILLIKEN modular carpet tiles are available in over 5,000 flexible designs and are easy to install and maintain, providing a cost effective option in the long run.  


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