Future Direction


The business journey of WSA has never been without challenges and tribulations. With adherence to the Group's philosophy of serving and caring with dedication and technology, has helped us to progress and overcome many of these challenges.
The Group will continue to focus on the right products and services. With the pool of talents and continuous human resource training and development, we are confident that the Group is now ready to move to the next level of development and grow at a faster rate.
As we expand our business portfolios, so too our global linkages. We will capitalise on these positive developments to harness the best business models of the East and West.
Moving forward, the Group will consider future business expansion either through co-branding, merger and acquisition or joint ventures. Our road map for growth and value creation will include deepening the strategic alliances with our existing as well as new business partners.
Over the years, WSA has diversified its products and services with a growing lists of partners and clients. We anticipate the business to continue growing by more than 25% from our current core businesses. While this is an achievable target , the Group is targeting for an accelerated growth over the next ten years (2011-2020) and hopes to achieve an annual sale turnover of RM1.0 billion by end of 2020.In view of this, it is critical for the Group to develop an aggressive and sustainable growth plans.
Under the Group's horizontal diversification plan, we are evaluating the non-auto business and new business portfolios with good growth potential, high return, less cyclical to ensure its compatibility with the new economic models.
Thus, the developments at the Group level are clear evidences and testimony that we are "walking the talk" with continued creativity, credibility, responsibility and honesty.

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